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Table for a rolla-bolla to order

We received an order for table for a rolla-bolla recently. The client sent a photo example of the props they want. First, a drawing was made and agreed with the client. This stage is extremely important, because it is here that the main points in the production of props are agreed and planned. The drawing looked as follows:

Then we started production. We made the table entirely from stainless steel. The total weight is approximately 40 kg. Made as reliably as possible.

Additional option: a 3m-high pole is inserted from the side, which can be disassembled into 3 parts, which the performer can hold on to:

The table is collapsible, the legs and tabletop are unscrewed:

The cost of the table was $1,200. The table was sent to Belgium by bus. This is how the props were securely packed:

Our team is satisfied with the work and the result 🙂

This table on our Instagram page:



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