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Aerial Straps

We can definitely say that circus props straps are one of the most popular genres in circus art. The combination of strength and grace of the body under the dome captivates the spirit. On straps they also work in pairs, in various combinations. To do this, the straps must withstand the necessary loads. Aerial straps are a whole art that combines elements of theatrical dance and aerial gymnastics.

Varieties of air straps:

  1. Heavy duty or three-layer straps – Р \ n 1700 kg (thickness 2.5 – 4 mm.)
  2. Straps in the form of long loops – R \ n 3000 kg (thickness 4 mm)

Straps for aerial gymnastics

The air straps are attached to a triangular plate with swivels/rotation machines. All materials are carefully selected. To avoid chafing, we make leather inserts in the attachment points to the carabiner.

  • The length can be selected from 1 to 10 meters.
  • Three-layer models can withstand up to 1700 kg of load, unlike conventional cotton ones, which can withstand up to 650 kg.
  • The lining of the straps can be made of velvet or cotton.
  • The thickness of the straps can be 2.5\3.5\4.5mm, which makes it possible to choose the best option for you.
  • Straps in the form of long loops withstand up to 3000 kg.
  • They are made of soft but strong nylon, which is sheathed with 100% cotton, does not slip and does not cut the skin.
  • The aerial gymnastics straps come in three colors: Black, White and Red.
  • If necessary, we make a passport in Russian and English.
  • Also on the straps there are tags with indications of loads. This makes it easier to work abroad on cruise ships and on land in the circus.

Circus straps

You can order props not only in Ukraine (Kyiv), but also with delivery to any country. For gymnasts and dancers, circus straps perform three main functions:


Reliable support is a guarantee of self-confidence for a gymnast!

2. Portability.

They can be used in the studio, on cruise ships, in the circus – moving anywhere in the world is convenient. The attribute itself is light in weight, folds comfortably and does not take up much space.

3. Comfort.

As for circus aerial straps, they should fit well in the gymnast’s hand. Uncomfortable gymnastic straps can bring a lot of problems. If you decide to buy straps for aerial gymnastics in Kyiv (Ukraine), then our store will help you with this. Sale and production of circus straps to order is our specialty!

We have the best price and a huge range of products for different areas of circus art.