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Buy or order airial gymnastics straps

For air belts, we use durable and reliable materials that we purchase from the manufacturer.

Varieties of Aerial Straps:

  • Strong or three-layer straps – MBS 1700 kg (thickness 2.5 – 4 mm.)
  • Cotton Straps from 100% cotton – MBS 650 kg. (thickness 4 mm.)
  • Straps in the form of long loops – MBS 3000 kg (thickness 4 mm)


  • The breaking load of one belt is 1.700 kg.
  • Test report provide
  • The ear that is attached to the carabiner is sheathed in leather, this protects against abrasion and premature wear of air belts
  • Made of soft but strong capron which is sheathed with 100% cotton,
  • does not slip
  • does not cut the skin
  • thick 2 mm or 3.5 to choose
  • Belts for aerial gymnastics come in three colors: Black, White and Red.
  • Length is from 1 to 10 meters, standard or elongated hand loops that come with special ring band.