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Juggling cube: 3 manufacturing features

Today we want to tell you more about our juggling cube: manufacturing features and important nuances that must be taken into account for comfortable work.

3 features of the juggling cube from CircusForYou:

  1. First of all, it is worth saying that we make the cube from aluminum tubes that have an anodized coating. A coating that prevents your hands from turning black while working!

2. The second feature is that the cube has a reliable connection of the corners with the tubes. The tubes go into a corner and are tightened with a bolt. Thus, the tube is securely fixed in the corner and does not dangle:

3. Third feature: as a bonus, we make special protection for the tubes so that they do not bend during transportation 🙂

Other cube features:

  • The corners are made of stainless steel (hollow pipe).
  • The weight of the cube is 4.5 kg with sides 140 cm.
  • Cube size to order from 100 to 150 cm.

High-quality props for training and shows! We make to order!

Cube for power juggling on our website, where you can make an order:

Juggling Cube

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