22.12.2023 By Денис Безкоровайный 0

Engraving on props – new from CircusForYou!

We purchased a laser engraving machine and now you can order personalized blocks (both individually and on canes). We can create any inscription, wishes, logo, name or image.

Here are some options for inscriptions and images. By the way, we have a large selection of fonts.

Name cubes can be a wonderful gift for your friends or yourself:

Links to the video where we talk in detail about engraving: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C1EthuKMvIR/?igsh=NXphbGI5NXI4cTdy

You can send your ideas to us by email circusforyou@gmail.com or write on social networks. We will be happy to bring your bold ideas to life!