Swivel STRAP-STRAP steel

109 $


This swivel is designed to connect two loops with the ability to rotate. Used in aerial gymnastics

The beauty of this swivel is that the loops are attached directly to swivel and does not require additional carabiners for connection.

The swivel is made of durable wear-resistant steel, it is not afraid of falls, as the aluminum swivels are afraid of this.

Also, the swivel is able to easily rotate under loads of more than 300 kg.

  • A swivel is issued: a copy of the passport and a copy of the test report.
  • Maximum workload – 30 Kn. (3000 kg.)
  • Breaking load – 40 Kn. (4000 kg.)
  • Weight – 500 gr.

!Always check your props before and after working with it!


Also for longer and safer use it is recommended to regularly clean, blow and lubricate the swivel.

Store in a dry place.


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Ось в виде заклепки, Ось с прорезной гайкой и шплинтом, Ось с резьбовым концом зафиксирована самоконтрящейся гайкой.


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