Handstand Canes on triangle platform for hand stand

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  • Poles located on a platform in the form of a triangle
  • Canes are inserted into glasses with a conical opening.
  • Cubes can also rotate in both directions or with emphasis in one direction.
  • The platform has adjustable legs for stability on an uneven surface.
  • Height and additional features at the request of the client.
  • We make to order!


Hand stand canes on a triangular platform to order.

About poles:

  • The pipe diameter 25 mm it is more rigid.
  • Stainless steel – natural silver color.
  • Cone for the pole made from Stainless steel.
  • Cone attached to platform.
  • It is i easy to put pole in the cone and pull them out.
  • Sticks stay rigid in the cones
  • We make to order, you can specify the size and shape of the blocks and the height of the poles.

    Blocks can be:

  • Static \ Fix
  • Turn to both directions and fix (you can fix them if you need static cubes)
  • Turn with an emphasis in one direction and fix (you can fix them if you need static cubes) It is free movement no clicking!


1. The platform made from black steel.

2. You can regulate the platform on uneven flour by special legs

3. Three canes can be attached to platform

Size of side – 90/90/90 cm
Weight – 10kg

Weight in total aprox.-16kg

Additional information


100 cm, 125 cm, 60 сm, 75 сm, 80 сm, 85 cm, 90 cm, 95 cm, other


In both directions + fixing, One way + fixation, Statics

Block sizes

4.10.15 cm, 4.8.13 cm., 4.9.14 cm, other

distance between canes (center-center)

30 cm, 33 cm, 35 cm standart, 38 cm, 40 cm


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