Ring Band for hand loop


Attention: we make ring bands only for our straps or loops!

  • Color: black, red, white.
  • Material: velvet, cotton, cotton straps tape.
  • Price for 1 piece.


Ring Band for hand loop

Attention! we only make Ring bands for our straps or loops. We cannot make them to fit your props.

The ring band is a textile ring.

Designed to tighten the loop to prevent falling out and keep your hand (or leg) securely in the loop when performing a trick.

Ring band can be made to order using various textile materials such as:

  • cotton;
  • velvet;
  • cotton straps tape.

In  colors:

  • red;
  • black;
  • white.

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Black (Черный), White (Белый), Red (Красный)


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