Circus props: canes on a platform (handmade)

85 $


Acrobatic handstand canes on on a platform

Canes are a good prop for advancing your hand balance practice.

These handstand canes are perfect for your personal training and circus performances.

  • Three canes are placed on a round wooden platform.
  • Acrobatic canes are screwed to the platform with four bolts and special built-in nuts in the platform.
  • Canes are easily disassembled and disconnected from the platform, using the hex wrench that comes with the kit.
  • Blocks are made from alder or oak.
  • It is possible to manufacture blocks according to individual size.
  • Steel canes are made from thick-walled steel pipe.
  • Painted with polymer coating.

Blocks can be:

  1. Turn to both directions and fixing  – free rotation without bearing with the ability to fix by pressing a bolt or using an automatic latch.
  2. Turn in one direction and fixing – free rotation due to a special bearing with the ability to fix by pressing a bolt or automatic latch.

Attention! The price is for spinning one block. If it is necessary to rotate two or three blocks, the cost will be recalculated.

Extra spin cost:

Rotation in one direction: + 50€.
Automatic fixing: + 30€.
Rotation in both directions: +35€.

Recommended block size:

  • For teenagers – 4/8/13 cm.
  • For adults – 4/9/14 cm or under the order.
  • It is also possible to make blocks with a slope.
  • Standard width between canes, from the center of the block – 35 cm (or on request)

Acrobatic stands are securely screwed to the platform and they are stable.

  • The platform is made of moisture-resistant laminated plywood.
  • The standard platform diameter is 80 cm.
  • Cane height: 45 – 80 cm.

It is possible to manufacture circus canes and stands for equilibra according to your parameters and wishes.


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