Lollipop lyra on the pylon

1087 $

Additional features: (write about your wishes in the order notes):

  • Crossbar + 10 € (to base price)
  • Fixing the lyra with a bolt + 15 € (to base price)
  • Fixation of the lyra with a latch + 25 € (to base price)
  • Podium from laminated plywood + 315 €


Circus props – Lollipop lyra on a pylon

We will make Lollipop lyra on the pylon ring on order.

The Lollipop lyra on the pylon is a good alternative for working on sites where it is not possible to hang a conventional aerial hoop. This Lollipop lyra is installed simply on the floor and rotates in the same way. True, the tricks and style of work on the ground ring will be slightly different from working on the air ring. But this will not affect the entertainment and applause, and even vice versa. This prop is quite popular and in demand among customers. You can also rehearse anywhere on it; at home (if the height allows), in the hall where there is no possibility to hang air props, or even on the street.

  • Material of the main structure: black steel (powder reliable painting) for the bushings and the inner shaft we use stainless steel.
  • Legs: length 130 – 150 cm. From a rectangular pipe.
  • Lyra: from a pipe with a diameter of 27 mm. As a rule, the diameter of the lyra is 90-100 cm. The lyra itself is removable. It is attached to the pylon with a bushing and two bolts.
  • Base of 6 legs: can be opened or closed with a laminated plywood plinth.

Rotation mechanism:

  • Free easy rotation in both directions on bearings.
  • The outer shaft is made of hard steel, the inner shaft is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 30 mm.
  • Rotation occurs with the help of bearings. From the top there is a tapered roller bearing, from the bottom there is a regular ball bearing (we use good Polish or Czech bearings).
  • If necessary, we can put a latch for fixing so that the ring does not rotate when it is not needed.
  • Weight: 45 -55 kg.


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