Winding for aerial props Muller M-Tape 9м.

15 $

  • Material: 100% cotton.
  • Roll: 9 m.
  • Color of your choice.
  • If the desired color is not in stock, you have to wait 1-2 weeks.


Professional Tape \ plaster for air circus props from a German company “Muller M-Tape”

This winding is a cotton colored tape. Has a sticky surface on one side.

  • It is used by professional air gymnasts to wind the air props to increase comfort and safety at work.
  • Increases the grip of hands with props: the patch, although tenacious, is at the same time pleasant to the touch and absorbs moisture (sweat) well.
  • Unlike a conventional medical plaster, “teip Mueller” does not leave a sticky layer on the surface that will be taken by hands.

It is used for wrapping such air equipment as:

We recommend ordering three or more wrappings: since over time, during intensive work, it gets rubbed, dirty and worn out, therefore, for full comfort in working on props, it is necessary to replace the patch depending on its condition or appearance.

Additional information


Black (Черный), White (Белый), Red (Красный), Purple (Фиолетовый), Dark blue (Темно синий), Yellow (Желтый), Green (Зеленый), Gray (Серый)


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