Lollipop lyra on 6 legs

1111 $

Additional features (write about your wishes in the order notes):

  • Crossbar + 10 € (to base price)
  • Fixing the lyra with a bolt + 15 € (to base price)
  • Fixation of the lyra with a latch + 25 € (to base price)
  • Collapsible lyra into 2 parts + 30 € (to base price)
  • Removable shaft + 25 € (to base price)


Circus props – Lollipop lyra on 6 legs, the lyra is devided into 2 parts

We will make Lollipop lyra on the pylon ring on order.

  • Material of the main structure: black steel (powder reliable painting) for the bushings and the inner shaft we use stainless steel.
  • Legs: length 130 – 150 cm. From a rectangular or round  pipe.
  • Lyra: from a pipe with a diameter of 27 mm. As a rule, the diameter of the lyra is 130-140 cm for children, 150-180 cm for adult artists. The lyra itself can be disassembled into 2 parts.
  • As a rule, a small platform made of plywood is installed at the bottom of the ring – sizes and shapes are made to order.

Rotation mechanism:

  • Free easy rotation in both directions on bearings.
  • The outer shaft is made of hard steel, the inner shaft is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 30 mm.
  • Rotation occurs with the help of bearings. From the top there is a tapered roller bearing, from the bottom there is a regular ball bearing (we use good Polish or Czech bearings).
  • If necessary, we can put a latch for fixing so that the ring does not rotate when it is not needed.
  • Also, the inner shaft can be welded to the ring or made removable for transportation.
  • Weight: 45 -55 kg.


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