Headstand and handstand cane 2in1

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The price is for one stand.



Acrobatic stand for headstand and handstand with rotation 2in1

This stand is a conventional stand with rotation. The only difference is that a detachable “donut” for a headstand is attached to a wooden block. Thus, on this stand, you can work out a headstand without hands “Kopf Stein” and a stand on one hand or “Narrow handle”.

Separate handstand canes are great for training at home, on tour or on travel because:

  • Disassembles and takes up little space
  • Sufficiently stable
  • Having chosen the right height, you can not be afraid to touch the ceiling in an apartment or hotel room.


  • Standard height: 15-35cm.
  • The maximum possible height is 35 cm.
  • Price for 1 piece.
  • The basis — the laminated dark plywood of 18 mm.
  • Platform dimensions: 30/30 or 35/35 cm.
  • The cane is attached to the base with 4 bolts – this allows you to easily and quickly detach it from the base for storage or transportation.
  • Standard dimensions of a wooden block: height 4 cm, diameter Ф13 – Ф14 cm (standard) or other on request.
  • It is possible to manufacture blocks individually.
  • Canes can be made of black or stainless steel.


  • The rotation of the blocks can be in one or both directions.
  • Also, the blocks can be fixed: by automatic fixation or by tightening the bolt.

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Additional information

Block sizes

Height 4 cm. / Diameter 13 cm., Height 4 cm. / Diameter 14 cm., other


15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 сm, 35 сm




In Both directions + Automatic fixation, In Both directions + Bolt fixation, In One direction + Automatic fixation, In One direction + Bolt fixation


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