Wooden Handstand blocks for hand balance on floor (alder)

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Material: alder – a soft variety of wood.

Recommended block sizes:

for fixing on stands:

  • 4\8\13 cm for children
  • 4\9\14 cm for adults

for floor training:

  • 6\8\13 cm for children
  • 6\9\14 cm for adults

Price for one pair (2 blocks).

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Handstand blocks for hand balance from Alder

Exercises with blocks for balancing well strengthen the shoulder joint and prepare the equilibrist for the transition to one hand. By disassembling and assembling blocks while standing on your hands, those muscles that help to stand stably in one hand are well pumped. Equilibration blocks are needed not only for beginners, but also for professional equilibrists for a more stable handstand. These exercises are recommended to be done regularly on an ongoing basis.


  • Material: alder – according to a special technology, it ensures the safety of the product for many years.  Alder is also considered a softer wood and lighter than oak.
  • Dimensions: 6\9\14 cm (standard) or other (custom).
  • The corners of the block are rounded for a comfortable and pleasant grip.
  • Coating – we cover the blocks with a special professional American oil, which protects the wood from moisture, dirt and minor damage. Gives a beautiful amber color. At the same time, it preserves the structure of the tree and does not slip as it happens with ordinary varnish.
  • The rubber coating prevents the blocks from sliding on the floor. We recommend that you take it with a rubber coating for training on the floor in order to avoid traumatic situations.

Price for one pair (2 blocks).

Additional information

Block sizes

4.8.13 cm., 4.9.14 cm, 6.8.13 cm, 6.9.14 cm, 4.10.15 cm, other

Component parts

With rubber (Резиновое покрытие), Without rubber (Без резинового покрытия)


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