Circus cane “Cone”

231 $333 $

The price is for one cane with a base.

The height of the canes, the size and shape of the blocks on order.



Circus cane with cone tip and base 

Cane can be:

  1. Static, without rotation: such circus canes are perfect for a beginner or experienced balancer.
  2. With rotation in one direction.
  3. With rotation in two directions.

Canes with rotation are perfect for an experienced balancer who has already mastered static canes and wants to increase his skill level. A twist in one hand looks much more spectacular than an ordinary static stand, so sooner or later the balancer switches to canes with rotation.


  • A circus cane can be easily inserted and removed from base that is made of stainless steel.
  • The cane is made of stainless steel
  • The conical tip and a similar cone in the base securely fix the cane and prevent it from hanging in the base.
  • Wooden block can be round or square (size on request)
  • Cane with rotation is possible to fix the block with bolts or an automatic latch.

The height of the canes, the size and shape of the blocks on order.

Additional information


In Both directions + Automatic fixation, In Both directions + Bolt fixation, In One direction + Automatic fixation, In One direction + Bolt fixation, Statics (without rotation)

Block sizes

4.8.13 cm., 4.9.14 cm, 4.10.15 cm, other


70 сm, 75 сm, 80 сm, 85 cm, 90 cm, Other


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