Assemblable Double Lollipop lyra with a motor

1945 $

Additional features: (write about your wishes in the order notes):

  • Crossbar + 10 € (to base price)
  • An additional table that stands instead of a lyra + 145 €


Circus props – Assemblable Double Lollipop lyra with a motor

Look for impressions in every turn with our new Parterne ring – an exclusive and powerful prop that will become a true masterpiece of your performance. Designed especially for you, with the highest quality and safety standards in mind, this ring will not only provide your audience with an unforgettable experience, but also add impact to your performance.

We will make a lollipop lyra to order:

  • Material of the main structure: black steel (powder reliable painting) for the bushings and the inner shaft we use stainless steel.
  • Legs: length 150 cm. From a rectangular, square or round  pipe.
  • Lyra: from a pipe with a diameter of 27 mm. As a rule, the diameter of the lyra is 130-140 cm for children, 150-180 cm for adult artists. The lyra itself can be disassembled into 2 or 4 parts.
  • As a rule, a small platform made of plywood is installed at the bottom of the ring – sizes and shapes are made to order.

Rotation mechanism:

  • To ensure ease of use, we added a motor for easy and smooth rotation in both directions, thanks to the use of high quality bearings.
  • Controlling the motor with a remote control on the wire – it is possible to smoothly adjust the speed and switch the direction of rotation.
  • The outer shaft made of hard grade steel and the inner shaft made of stainless steel guarantee extreme stability and durability of the rotation mechanism.
  • Weight: 45-55 kg.

Take your performance to a new level with our Parterre ring and leave an impression that will be remembered forever!

Video with a parterre ring with a motor on our Instagram page


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