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Circus handstand canes

The circus cane for equilibra is a steel tube with a conical tip on one side and a wooden block on the other side. The conical tip is inserted into a steel base with a similar cone, this base is mounted on any platform and a circus cane for balancing is inserted into it.

Usually circus canes are made in such a way that they are quite bulky and difficult to transport. But this is not about the assortment of our online store in Kyiv!

Lightness, quick assembly and disassembly, transportability, stability – this is the main advantage for circus canes. Their unique design and stainless steel details set them apart from other brands of balance reeds. All assembly tools included – all in one kit!

You can order props from us and get fast delivery. Sale in Ukraine and around the world.

Circus canes for equilibra in assortment:

1. Circus Cane Static: A fixed block without rotation.

2. Circus cane with rotation in one or two directions. We would like to note that it is possible to manufacture with automatic fixation of the block. That is, when it is necessary that with one click of the latch the block stops rotating.

They have a conical connection system, stainless steel parts. Circus canes are securely attached to the glass and stand motionless in it.

3. Double circus canes on a collapsible steel platform for professional hand balancer.

The standard distance between the canes is 35 cm or on request. The material of the circus canes is high-quality stainless steel, the material of the blocks is high-quality wood. The foldable design makes them mobile and ready for work. The weight of the structures is about 10 kg. Anyone can buy such circus canes.

4. Triple canes for balance on a round or triangular platform.

This is a new step for professional hand balancer. This type of circus cane gives a lot of possibilities to combine elements on three stands. The round or triangular platform makes the construction very reliable and stable. Children’s sizes are also made. The price varies depending on the chosen size and type of canes for equilibra.

5. Adjustable circus canes on a steel platform: versatile canes that can be adjusted to the width of the performer’s shoulders.

  • The sizes of canes and blocks for canes are made according to the individual characteristics of the hand balancer.
  • Height can vary from 45 to 100 cm.
  • Blocks can be rectangular, hexagonal or round.