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Hand stand canes for training at home or at circus school

Canes for beginner hand balancer or for professional equilibrist

Training stands are mainly ordered by beginner balancers or circus studios for children. This is a budget version of canes for training and at home or in the hall.

Training canes also use acrobats to develop tricks that they will then do in the hands or on the head of a partner. But the upper acrobats have a working position of the brush at an angle of 45 degrees, we make cubes with a slope for them.

Cubes with a slope are also good for beginners – a slope reduces the load on the hands and they hurt less.

  • Acrobatic canes from our product range are available in various heights.
  • For the basis we use moisture resistant plywood
  • Material of pipe black steel powder coated
  • You can order canes for an hand balance with any sizes in accordance with your wishes and goals.