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Acrobatic circus handstand canes

Acrobatic stands are an important tool for all levels to develop balance and handstands. Are you interested in buying handstand equipment? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place! The equipment is great for helping both beginners and experienced gymnasts improve their skills while practicing at home or in a circus studio. You can order stands for handstands in Kyiv. Sale is carried out not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. The price will depend on the complexity and your wishes, as we can make options with rotation and inclination of the block, adjustable shoulder width or reinforced stands. The size of the product also plays a role.

Acrobatic handstand canes

Acrobatic canes are sold as 2 canes on one platform, as well as separate mini canes on separate platforms.

The platform is made of durable laminated plywood 18 mm thick. The edges of the platform are rounded to protect hands and other parts of the body from damage. Canes are made of thick-walled steel and painted with polymer paint.

Gymnastics stands come in different sizes, depending on the needs, your age and level.

  • Adjustable stands are well suited for circus studios where children of different ages are involved.
  • The dimensions of the gymnastic stands allow you to choose any height of the stand from 10 to 100 cm.
  • The size of the platform and blocks is also individually selected.
  • Blocks can be round, rectangular, hexagonal, slanted or flat.
  • The canes themselves are easily disassembled for transportation.

Gymnastic stands on a round platform

On a round platform there are 3 stands in the shape of a triangle. As a rule, one of the canes goes with rotation in one direction or in twp.

  • You can choose the sizes yourself (30-80 cm).
  • The distance between the blocks can also be chosen individually, but the most popular distance is 35 cm.
  • They are also easily disassembled for transport.

In our online store you can buy stands for equilibrium for every taste and budget.