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Tables / Pedestals for equilibrium and contortion

Equilibra tables are an indispensable prop for an artist, which is easy to disassemble and assemble before performances. They help to perform complex tricks on the pedestal, while the steel guarantees the safety and stability of the structure. We produce custom tables of varying complexity according to your sketches and drawings. To calculate the total cost, you need to send us the desired size and model of the product by mail or messenger. Sale in Kyiv or with delivery across the country (Ukraine) and the world.

Equilibra and contorion table options

The range of the online store of circus props in Ukraine (Kyiv) includes:

1.You can order a table for balancing with canes or secret blocks.

Professional acrobatic table for handstands. The presence of canes, their length or the hidden arrangement of the blocks allows you to perform the most difficult exercises.

2. You can buy a table for contortion: Making a table for contortion without canes (circle or square, also cylinder shape).

  • Each leg has adjustable feet to keep the table from wobble.
  • The tabletop has a weight of about 10 kg, and the legs are about 5 kg.
  • The total weight of the circus table for equilibra and the price will depend on the given individual dimensions.
  • The legs are made of painted or stainless steel and are screwed on the thread or inserted into the glass and tightened with bolts.

3. Table for rolla-bolla: this circus balance table can be ordered in any shape. For example, circle, square, rectangle, hexagon.

4. Original podiums with rotation: The maximum diameter of the rotating circle is 55 cm, and the minimum height of the platform is 10 cm. This prop is made to order only. You can send personal sketches or picture examples from the Internet and we will make your wish come true.