Circus Tables for handstand, contortion and balance


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We produce at your request Tables \ Pedestals for equilibrium and contortion.

Countertop Shape:

  • square
  • rectangular
  • round
  • hexagon
  • or other original form.

Countertop Material:

  • Moisture resistant plywood
  • Laminated Dark Smooth Plywood

Leg Material:

  • Stainless steel
  • Black steel – polymer painted

In strength and weight, black and stainless steel do not differ. The price of a stainless steel is higher and is more difficult to handle; therefore, stainless steel tables are more expensive.

Methods of fastening the legs to the base:

  • Screwed onto thread
  • They are inserted into the “glass” and tightened with two bolts from the side.

We install balls with thread at the bottom of the legs. With their help, you can adjust the stability of the table on an uneven surface.

We also can install  canes  with or without  block rotation.