Handstand and Balance equipment

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Props for Hand Balancers, Contortionists and Rolla Bola

Props for equilibrium –  on the circus stage or arena, the performers demonstrate the art of balancing.

In our online store there are such products for equilibrium:

  • Handstand Blocks
  • Training Canes
  • Stage Canes
  • Tables
  • Contortions props
  • Rolla Bola
  • Chairs

We paint black steel products with polymer or powder paint, which reliably protects the product from corrosion (rust) and looks great on stage.

We cover wooden parts with a special protective coating on an acrylic base. Notice this is not slippery and toxic varnish as it was long time ago, but a modern eco-friendly coating that protects against moisture, dirt and other damage. It also gives a pleasant shade to the wood.

Since we make props for equilibrists to order, our customers receive technical specifications that fully meet the needs.

To ensure that the props for equilibrium are at the highest level, we constantly study and follow our colleagues in Europe and America.

With the help of our products, we strive to help every artist: realize their dreams, reveal their creative potential, while reducing the risks of injuries during training and performances.