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Props for Hand Balancers, Contortionists and Rolla Bola

The balancing act is a great training tool to help you transition from tricks on the ground to doing exercises on sticks or a table. The props are ideal for performances in the circus, at corporate parties, and other types of circus shows. Also a great option for home use while improving body strength, mobility and flexibility. For manufacturing, laminated / bakelite plywood, natural wood, black or stainless steel are used. We treat wooden blocks with American protective oil, which preserves the structure of the tree and does not slip as it happens when using ordinary varnish. In addition, the oil is completely ecological and has no smell. Sale and delivery of circus props for equilibra not only in Ukraine, but also around the world.

Detailed information about props for handstands

Training with balancing act props allows you to improve your balance and practice inverted exercises.

Props for the balance on the hands in the assortment:

  • Blocks for balancing and handstands: for beginners and professional balancing acters. Exercises with blcoks pump the shoulder joint well and help to achieve stability in the transition to one arm.
  • Acrobatic handstand canes: a good solution for training at home or in the studio. A budget option for a beginner equilibrist. There are mini stands that fit in a regular backpack for traveling and touring.
  • Rola-bola (plasric coils): the balance on the coils has not gone out of trend yet and surprises the audience with its tricks and finds. We have a set of coils made of durable plastic.
  • Chairs for equilibrium: there are solid and collapsible types of chairs, made of steel and wood. You can buy chairs for handstands in Kyiv (Ukraine). The price will depend on the type and size.
  • Circus Handstand stage canes: Professional performance props. The conical rods of the canes are made of stainless steel. The designs are thought out in such a way that it would be easy to transport, but at the same time they were quite stable in operation.
  • Tables with or without canes: It can be 2 or 3 canes on one table. Circus props for equilibria with hidden blocks are also made. Forms of countertops and blocks are made individually to order for each client. In our online store (Kyiv) you can order original designs for equilibr and rubber.