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Circus Loops for Gymnasts

Modern, reliable, soft hinges for aerial gymnastics.

Varieties of circus loops:

  • Short loops or Hand loops: for arm, leg or neck.
  • Loops for twists or rotation in the air, come with a swivel (rotation machine).
  • Long straps-loops for aerial gymnastics.

The benefits of loops from – “Circus For You”

  • Loops tested for breaking at the Institute of Strength!
  • Breaking load – 3000 kgf.
  • We provide a test report, and if necessary we will produce a passport.
  • There are also tags indicating the loads, which makes it easier to work on cruise ships and in the circus on land.
  • The loops are soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • Velvet or cotton lining.

We took care in advance and arranged ready-made sets of loops with swivels.