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Circus Air Hoop

The main requisite for aerial acrobatics is an aerial hoop, usually with one or two attachment points. All hoops are made of thick-walled steel pipe and powder-coated with reliable painting. Aerialists often use a circus loop ring with which they can do additional tricks while performing circus routines. This is an incredibly difficult job that must be done with high-quality props. Among other things, in our store in Kyiv you can buy bright windings for the hoop to ensure a good grip on the props, diversify the show and complete the image.

Ring for aerial gymnastics

Installing a hoop for aerial acrobatics at home is a reality! This is a good full body workout that includes elements of aerial arts, yoga and Pilates. Children who are engaged in a circus studio will be able to practice right at home. Our range includes: with 1 and 2 fasteners, with crossbars, crescent/square/moon shapes and much more. The main reasons why you should order gymnastic aerial hoops in our store (Kyiv, Ukraine):

  1. Sale of specialized circus attributes.
  2. Production to order according to sketches or a photo of the customer.
  3. Quality props with proper safety certification.
  4. Affordable price for the entire range of goods.
  5. Lightning delivery in Ukraine and the world.

Work with such equipment is aimed at developing strength and flexibility from toes to fingertips while improving balance and body perception. The inventory can withstand a load of up to 280 kg, with its weight of 4.5-6 kg. The pipe diameter is 27 mm, which is convenient for a hand grip. To order, just go to the site, select the desired item and click “Add to cart”. Quick order is also available.

  • Material – black steel.
  • Perfectly round pipe, diameter 27 mm.
  • Pipe wall thickness 2.8 mm.
  • Fasteners 8 mm thick.
  • Mounting types: face, profile, crocodile.
  • The weight of the air hoop is 4.5 – 6 kg.

We regularly test the rings at the strength institute and issue a test report.
If necessary, we make a product passport.

The mount can be one in the center or two on the sides – this affects the style of work and the performance of some tricks.

The presence of a crossbar and a loop gives additional opportunities for performing tricks.

Remember that for the hoop you need a rigging set with a sling and a swivel (rotation machine).