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Aerial hoops lyra for aerial gymnastics and circus artists – to order.

Type of aerial rings

  • with horizontal-bar
  • without  horizontal-bar
  • Mount: Face, profil, crocodile
  • Standart diameters: 85, 90, 95, 100, 105 cm
  • Material — steel
  • Pipe girth diameter –  27 mm.
  • Air ring weight – 4.5 – 6 kg.
  • The maximum working load is 150 kg.

We regularly test rings at the Institute of Strength and issue a test report.
If necessary, make a product passport.

The mount can be one in the center or two on the sides, this affects the style of work and the performance of some tricks.

The presence of the crossbar and the loop provides additional opportunities for performing tricks.

The diameter of the pipe is convenient for grasping by hand and at the same time thick enough so as not to put so much pressure on the artist’s body. This reduces the discomfort of learning this genre.

How to find out the inner diameter of the aerial  hoop?

It is believed that the inner diameter of the ring should correspond to: the distance from the foot stretched over itself to the inguinal bend of the straightened leg

The universal size is 95 cm in the inner diameter of the ring.
If growth:
below average then 90 cm will do.
above average then inner diameter 100 cm

Still in doubt?
Then consult with artists or a coach who know the subtleties and nuances.
There are also exceptions, experienced artists select the size for themselves, depending on the proportions of the body and style of work.

Remember that for the ring you need a rigging set with a sling and a swivel (a rotation machine)