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Props for aerial gymnasts

Manufacturing and selling goods to order is a painstaking work, so we approach it with full responsibility. We sell not just props for aerial gymnastics, but reliable attributes of any circus and dance show. Do not use trial and error to find quality inventory, our store in Kyiv (Ukraine) has everything you might need. The price of air circus props is affordable!

Circus aerial props

High-quality props for aerial acrobatics are a guarantee of safety at the show. Every self-respecting gymnast who puts his health first chooses reliable attributes. Selection criteria can be completely different, individualized for a particular gymnast. It is not uncommon for circus studios to conduct classes for beginners, for these purposes it is also important to acquire reliable hoops, loops and straps. What to look for when choosing an air circus props:

  • Availability of required documents.
  • Customer Reviews.
  • Description of goods.
  • Cost plays an important role.
  • Quality and durability certificates.
  • Manufacturing speed.

Props for aerial acrobatics

You can order air circus props anywhere in the world or across Ukraine, sending not only to the city of Kyiv but also to other regions. Ropes, loops and straps must be strong enough not to break under load. It is perfectly normal to end any workout or performance with a check of the equipment. But if you order everything for aerial gymnastics in our online store, you will receive strength test certificates for each product. Everyone can buy air art attributes on our website!

Your safety always comes first!

Our range includes popular and popular products:

Props for aerial gymnastics from CircusForYou!