Training Handstand Canes dark laminated plywood

Recommended cubes sizes:
for children – 4/8/13 cm
for an adult – 4/9/14
or on order!

Height: 30-80 cm. (Upon order)

The recommended distance between the canes from the center to the center of the cubes is 35 cm.

Weight: from 5 to 7 kg. (Depending on the height of the parking lots)

130 160 


Hand stand canes for hand balance.

Canes are a good prop for advancing your hand balance practice.
Beginner to advanced exercise helps achieve your inverted goals.
Challenge your balance, elevate your shapes and improve your strength.

  • It is easy to attach and detach the stands
    from the platform
  • Poles made of black steel with powder coating,
  • Have a secure attachment to the base,
    which is easily screwed and removed from the base
  • The base is made of dark laminated plywood
  • It is also possible to make cubes with a slope.


  • Base: 40/60 or 50/70 cm.
  • Сubes are 4/9/14 cm, 4/8/13 cm. (Or on order),
  • Width between poles, from the center of the cube – 35 cm. (Or on order)
  • Height – 40/45/70 cm. (Or on order)

30 сm, 35 сm, 50 сm, 55 сm, 60 сm, 65 сm, 75 сm, 80 сm, 40сm, 45сm, 70сm

Block sizes

4.10.15 cm, 4.8.13 cm., 4.9.14 cm, other

distance between canes (center-center)

30 cm, 33 cm, 35 cm standart, 38 cm, 40 cm


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