Double Hand-loop FLAT with swivel

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A double loop with a rotation machine is: two flat loops that are interconnected by a swivel (rotation machine).

It is mainly used for duo gymnasts to work when one artist holds the upper loop in his hand, leg or neck and the lower artist holds the lower loop in the same way as possible in the arm, leg or neck and rotates thanks to the rotation machine.

This two-loop kit has several advantages:


  • A kit with hinges and a rotation machine takes up very little space and can be easily taken on tour with you.


The double hinge with swivel fits almost all aerial props and will be a great addition to any aerial act. This kit can also be used for solo work by hooking one loop to your props whether it is:

  • Aerial hoop lyra
  • Trapeze
  • Aerial cube
  • Or another kind of circus air props

Additional information


black, blue, burgundy, white

hand loop sizes

35 cm, 45cm, 50cm




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